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In order to ensure that the WaitAway app is running at the best performance possible, you'll need to use a compatible device, platform and browser which we support. Some devices, platforms and browsers don't include a lot of the advanced features and technology that the WaitAway app requires, so there is a need to leave some versions behind.

The following devices, platforms, and browsers are compatible with the WaitAway app. Please note, we support only the following devices, platforms and browser versions listed below. Please ensure that you meet these requirements as we cannot provide support for any outdated web browsers, platforms or devices not listed below.


Apple Safari
Version 6+ (Mac/Windows OS)
iOS 7+ (iPad)

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Google Chrome
Version 27+ (Mac OS)
Version 24+ (Windows OS)

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Mozilla Firefox
Version 21+ (Mac OS)
Version 24+ (Windows OS)

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