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Troubleshooting tips to check...

App is not loading or functioning correcty
Be sure to check that your internet connection is running. Try visiting another major website such as CNN.com or Yahoo to see if you can connect to another site.

Additionally, be sure to review our platform and browser requirements on this page below to ensure that you meet the minimum standards.

Text messages not sending
Make sure you have the correct phone number for the guest and that they have a U.S. based mobile phone (the app cannot send texts to international mobile numbers). Always check to ensure that they recevied the first text when added to the wait list. If they do not, it's likely that they will not receive any additional texts when paged.

Check to make sure you're connected to the internet. Are you seeing full strength on your the wi-fi signal? If not, try moving the device to an area closer to your router to ensure you're getting a strong signal. Weak wi-fi signals will cause the app and texts to run at slower speeds.

Good wi-fi signal but still having issues?
Wireless routers provide great mobility but are not always reliable. If you're using wi-fi but having connection issues, start by verifying your connection to the base station. Are you connected to your wi-fi router or did your computer pick up another signal?

While the wi-fi signal on the device could be displaying full strength, it's possible that the internet connection feeding from the modem is actually being slow (which can cause our app to run slow too). We recommend checking your connection speed with at SpeedTest.net to get a reading. WaitAway runs best at a minimum of 2.5 Mbps download / 1.0 Mbps upload.

If you're getting a good speed reading, it may be time to restart both the wi-fi router and modem, and try again in a few minutes.

Guests are not syncing between multiple devices
If you are using more than one device to use WaitAway, the devices should be synced up as guests are added to the wait list. If you're not seeing this, refresh the browser to ensure you have the latest and greatest between both devices.

The app says it's in "Offline" mode. What do I do?
The app will alert the host when the internet connection is completely lost. While offline, text messages will no longer be sent but you may continue to use the app to add guests to the wait list without a phone number (by selecting "Find" for the alert method when adding a guest). We do recommend that you get your connection running again before continuing to use the app to be sure that guests are safely backed up to our servers.


Make sure your device, platform and browser are compatible.

In order to ensure that the WaitAway app is running at the best performance possible, we recommend that you upgrade your browser to the latest version. Older browsers don't include a lot of the advanced features and technology that the WaitAway app requires, so there is a need to leave some older versions behind.

Please note, we support only the following devices, platforms and browser versions listed below. Please ensure that you meet these requirements as we cannot provide support for any outdated web browsers, platforms or devices not listed below.


Apple Safari
Version 6+ (Mac/Windows OS)
iOS 7+ (iPad)

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Google Chrome
Version 27+ (Mac OS)
Version 24+ (Windows OS)

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Mozilla Firefox
Version 21+ (Mac OS)
Version 24+ (Windows OS)

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Still having trouble?

Email us at support@waitawayapp.com