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Mobile Technology Is Changing the Way We Dine Out
Thanks to new services like WaitAway, you no longer have to stand shoved against a crowded bar with a germy buzzer sticking out of your handbag. Instead, you just give your phone number to the host, wander wherever you'd like and you'll get a text message when your table is ready.

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Technology and the Restaurant Industry
There are some restaurants that have picked up on paging systems such as WaitAway that notify their guests when their table is ready via text message, rendering the traditional buzzers obsolete. This allows guests to wander away from the restaurant and stay entertained exploring the surrounding area and likewise lets restaurants collect data on the number of parties they seat and typical wait times for different nights.

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So long, pagers.
WaitAway's creators saw the value in diversification and have been moving in that direction as well. 'We don't see why anyone should have to waste time in a line anywhere,' says Adams, 'and moving beyond restaurants is a natural progression.'

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Business Insider



How overnight success transformed
The restaurant decided to implement a queue system called WaitAway, which is an app that allows guests to put down their names, phone numbers and party sizes. They are then able to check on the status of their wait time via text messages.

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San Francisco Magazine



The omnivore's other dilemna
The new web app WaitAway allows hosts to send text messages to guests when their table is ready, so they can browse shops nearby instead of freezing outside on the sidewalk.

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The Meatball Shop opens in West Village w/ WaitAway
With the WaitAway App in full use (and utilized at their other locations), the shop is being mindful of their hungry customer’s time, so you’re free to grab a drink around the corner while you wait and get a text to know your table is ready.

November, 2012 - Read full article

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Why WaitAway and not pagers?
She was waiting in line at The Meatball Shop when she simply gave the hostess her phone number that she then typed into the app. WaitAway then texted Cao a link to track the wait time for meatballs and mint ice cream. Cao was impressed.

October, 2012 - Read full article